Hardware Copy from one PS4 to another more than once for game backup?


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Sep 16, 2011
United States
I have an old PS4 and purchased a new PS4 Pro. On the older one I have a few games that for one reason or another I do not want to update. Once I update these games I won't be able to go back. However, a few of them I'm going to have to update to play with others online.

Here's what I was thinking of doing:

1.) Copy from PS4 to PS4 Pro as explained here:


But only copy the games I want to preserve.

2.) Format a USB 3.0 hdd in the PS4 Pro and move those games to it.

3.) Initialize a new copy operation from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro, this time copying everything.

Afterwards, would I have a copy of the games on both consoles AND the hard drive? Or would it know the game was already moved off and not let it be copied?

Alternatively, what if I just did a single copy, then moved the games each to a different USB drive, then installed and updated the games fresh? Then when I want to roll back I move the updated version with saves to their own external drives and move back the old versions for playing.

And is there any way to have more than one version of the same game on the same flash drive, or will I need multiple?

Note, that I'm not messing with mods on the PS4 at this time. It's all official stuff here and the only point in wanting to do this is to be able to update a game on both for multi-player and then essentially downgrade later. I know I can install from disc fresh, but doing so means that old updates I want won't be included.
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