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    Feb 11, 2010
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    Hello, I've been trying to use this tutorial to convert the PAL version of Magical Tetris Challenge to NTSC. So far the patching to NTSC was a success, but now I'm stuck in the Zapper 2000 part, because I don't know what setting to use to correct the Y position of the screen. What I want to achieve is cut off the 16 pixels from the bottom of the screen so it can result from:
    MagicalTetrisPS1-title[1].png This to this Mickey's%20Magical%20Tetris%20-%20Japan[1].gif .
    What setting do I use in Zapper 2000 to make it work?

    Update: OK, looks like I achieved what I was looking for. I skipped ahead and used Zapper 2000 only with the default values of 0,0, and I got image I wanted. But now, even if it's in NTSC, it still plays at 50fps. Is there a way to force the framerate to 60?
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