Converting a Zelda Collector's Edition save to N64 and then to VC.

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by CheatFreak47, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Im trying to convert a zelda collectors edition Majora's Mask save into an N64 save ram file, so I can inject it into a VC save. Idk if it's feasible, but I'm not having a ton of luck so far with hex editing. Obviously I've extracted both save's as much as possible, as of now, i'm down to a file called ZELDA2 from the GCN save, and a file "EEP_NZSE" from the VC version. Obviously EEP is short for EEPROM, and the contents reflect it. Looking in the "ZELDA2" file, i find similar contents at a certain point. I'm wondering if some clever editing can convert the file. I suppose I should try making 2 identical Majora's Mask save files and working from there to see if I can find a pattern.

    Of course, if anyone here on GBAtemp is aware of a tool or something that can help me, that would be much appreciated.
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    The whole time it takes to do this you could invest in actually replaing the game since it is a fantastic game. would probably even be more fun...
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