Converting a Router to a Wireless Bridge

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    Okay here is my dilemma. I want to connect my Xbox to Live but can not because my modem is too far away and I don't have enough money to buy a bridge/ gaming adapter let alone a $100 xbox adapter. I have a 2Wire (model no 2701HG-B) modem/router (a gateway). Is there a way to connect my xbox to it via Ethernet cable and have the router connect to my other router thats actually is connected to the internet? So basically making my router into a bridge from my xbox to my internet.
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    Why isn't the 2Wire connected to the internet? And I don't think your plan will work.
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    See WDS (wireless distribution system), I have no info on your setup but a lot of the more modern routers support it.

    Failing that my router has been connected by 30m of doorbell cable for the last year (and believe me when I say I hammer the connection nearly 24/7) without issue, a reel of wire costs very little.