convert VC Majora's Mask NTSC to PAL

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    I once installed a wad on my wii for MM. I had some problems with the sound and also had some lag, so I tried to install another wad. I don't have any problems with the new installed one. Only problem is that my old one was NTSC MM (I assume because English was the only language), and the new one is PAL (I can choose German, French and Spanish). Is there a way to convert the save file I backed up from NTSC to PAL, so that the save file I have will be compatible with my new installed VC MM?
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    - Use Save Game Manager GX to copy the save without Nintendo's data.bin encryption.
    - You will get a few files: the save and the banner in a folder with the path and the game's ID in hex.
    - For example Super Mario 64's NTSC title ID is NAEE, so the folder is called 000100014e414145 with 00010001 being the saves folder and 4e414145 the ID
    - Every title ID will have the region NTSC = E, PAL = P, etc. in the fourth letter. Simply changing every instance of this to the region you want should work.
    - In Super Mario 64's case, only the path needs changing, in this case you take the 000100014e414145 folder and rename it to 000100014e414150 and install it with SGMGX.

    This is just an idea but it should work. Otherwise just copy the eep save and copy it on over to the pal save.
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