Convert VBA to GBC AD for Android?

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    Sep 25, 2012
    I have tried searching for this like all day yesterday. But I didn't find anything that really helped at all.
    So I'm curious if there is a program that can convert Visual Boy Advance savegames (.sgm) to Gameboy Color Advance (.ss1, .ss2 and so on) for Android and the other way around?
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    I have not heard of one and did not search but save games themselves are twofold

    These are snapshots of the memory and they can come in any order really so they can take a tiny bit of conversion to transfer between emulators.

    Savegames- this is what the game would usually make and what you seem to be dealing with here.
    As the game expects a certain type of save the options emulators have for changing it are limited. It usually takes the form of
    1) A header
    2) Compression

    In the case of the GBA 2) has very limited gains (many saves are in the sub kilobyte range and the biggest commercial save is 128 Kilobytes) so I am not sure I have ever seen it (the DS only had some in some flash carts for complicated and boring reasons).
    Headers (or 1) in the little list above) are often added for things like per game options or simple to remember what game they are tied to (file names are not the most reliable of things when in contact with the general public).
    VBA makes raw saves for the most part (especially if you save in the game and click file- export - battery save) so first check if you actually need to convert either way and if you do have to the chances it is a very simple fix- make a save for the same game on two games. It should be nearly identical save for any header that is added, to get it on VBA chop the header off and to get it on the android one have a header premade or figure out how it works and go from there (you might even get lucky and the emulator will accept a "blank" header).
    If you are not confident about fiddling in a hex editor or something make some saves in each, note what games they are from and upload them and hopefully someone will have a look.