1. owerlord

    OP owerlord Advanced Member

    Aug 2, 2009
    i want to convert my OKAMI save to PAL is itpossible?
  2. resincake

    resincake GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 21, 2009
    Yes it is, I did it with house of the Dead : Overkill. The way I did it was to first get Savegame Manager (waninkoko I think made this, search and you'll find it), and extract the savefile for your NTSC game with it, to your SD Card.

    Next, I located my original savegame file (NTSC), in Savegame manager and took a note of the 8 digit number ID beside it. I'm not sure here, but if you cant see the number ID within savegame manager, use any title deleter to find it, by simply locating your savefile as if you were gonna delete it (but dont delete it obviously, just note down the 8 digit ID)

    Then, I loaded up my PAL copy of house of the Dead, and played a couple seconds into it, to create a PAL savefile.

    Next, I went back into Savegame manager and located the new PAL savefile for House of the dead and extract it to your SD Card (like you did with the NTSC save originally), and proceeded to note down it's 8 digit number ID (like before you may need to use AnyTitleDeleter to find the 8 digit ID, I cant remember if savegame manager shows it or not).

    Then, using WiiXplorer, I located the folder on my SDCard that contained the Savegame Manager Savefiles.

    Finally, I located the NTSC savefile in that folder (using the number ID, as that is how the folders are named), and simply copied all of the files from within the NTSC folder., and proceeded to then paste those files into the PAL save folder (again, this folder will be named the same as the number ID you noted down). NOTE : Using Wiixplorer you may need to copy/paste each file individually, so you may prefer to do this step on your PC, using a SD reader.

    Also, you then need to install the savefile for your new region, through savegame manager, back onto your Wii.

    As far as I can remember that was the steps I used to do it. If I have forgotten a something though, all you are basically doing is using Savegame Manager to copy the original savefile to your SD Card, then doing the same for the other region of that game, then simply copying the files from one regions save folder to the other, and finally using savegame manager to install the saves back onto the Wii.

    Hope that helps .. Good Luck .. :>
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