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    May 12, 2008
    United States
    so i have been trying to get Little King's Story to work for a week and i reached a very critical point. i can get the game to work fine but it has no color. it is in black and white. i really want to play it so i have some questions.

    1) does anybody know what i can do to fix the black and white issue?
    details about how i am running the game...
    i am playing the PAL version on my NTSC Wii through the GUI Loader. with component cables i was getting a black screen and "invalid input" on my TV. i switched to composite cables and the game works with no adjustments (video mode on disc default) but it is in black and white. when i use the autopatch setting i get screen scrolling.
    is there a fix?

    2) if there is no fix for the black and white problem, is it possible to convert a PAL save to an NTSC save (for when i get the NTSC version)?
    i wouldn't think this would be possible but people around here know a lot more about this stuff than me so i thought it was worth asking.
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