convert cht 2 ips

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    how can i convert cht files to ips to apply it on rom? i use ez-f4 client and i missundastood on not working but preview only cheat function in it. early i use SC and have enough from it exept some unsupported games.
  2. John2022

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    Apr 8, 2010


    No doubt it can't be converted but is there a way to port it? With softs or whatever.
  3. FAST6191

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    cht files are little more than a glorified memory locations of data and what you want done to them.

    There are tools though that can take these lists and either alter the codes that deal with them or more commonly inject a small cheat engine into the rom.
    GBAATM is the most commonly used:

    re: the EZ4 cheat engine, I would sooner opt for GBAATM but you can fiddle with things (flash one of the older loaders that modulo did not hack) and sort things from there. I usually tell people it is a dark magic to get the EZ4 cheat engine to work and for good reason though as it is not the most resilient of code.
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