Continuum, The Americans, King of The Nerds, The Ultimate Fighter

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    Just some stuff i've been following, anyone else watching any of these?

    Continuum is quality sci-fi especially considering the limited budget I just hope it ends somewhere in between 20-30 episodes b/c the plot really doesn't have the legs to go longer. However if it loops back to the beginning in an altered timeline that could be cool.

    The Americans is a surprisingly well done spy drama with an interesting setting, good acting in the lead roles, and just enough action. I'd like to see a little comedy in the mix though as the show seems to take itself a little to seriously and with all the violence and intrigue you'd assume that someone would crack a joke or wind up in a laughably precarious situation eventually.

    King of the Nerds was the first reality game show that I've watched in a few years, basically since flavor of love ended. The challenges were not very interesting at all and for my tastes all of the wrong people made it to the end. You'd think that it was fan voted the way that the asian gamer girl and the pink haired nerd chic gamer girl made it so far without very much substance, skill, or contributions to the teams success. All that said I'll watch the next season without a doubt.

    The Ultimate Fighter has some seriously tough dudes on this season I honestly think that 4 or 5 of these guys will end up in the UFC especially because given the eye test a few of them look like they could easily drop down to 171 and be that much more formidable.
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    I pirated obtained Continuum in an ambiguously legal way, have yet to watch it. Too busy with GoT and TWD atm.
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    I've been watching The Americans and TUF.

    Our line-up is:
    Sunday-The Walking Dead and Californication
    Monday-Being Human
    Wednesday-The Americans
    Thursday & Saturday-Movie nights
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    King of the nerds looks like they took big bang theory and made it into a game show.