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    I can't connect online with my Wii.

    I used to play online all the time. My Wii was at 3.2U modded, and I updated to play Monster Hunter (Retail). It brought me to 4.1U (When 4.2U is the highest...) and all my channels, and stuff were still there. Everything was the same, and Monster Hunter worked.

    But since I updated, my Wii cannot connect online. I thought it was because I wasn't at the highest firmware, but I guess not. My router is WPA, and when I try to connect, I get connection error 51330. (I've tried about 20 times in the last two weeks, and about two times I got connection error 51331).

    So is there anyway I can fix this?
    Is it my router?
    Will updating to 4.2U and re-hacking fix it?
    Is there a way I can update through an SD card?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Try to delete your WiFi config and set-up it again from scratch.