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    Have a look at this if you don't already know:

    Not sure if this is bordering on being against the rules or not, but feel free to add my console code (friend codes button below) if you meet the requirements and so desire to do so [​IMG] (totally voluntary etc, mods don't take this the wrong way [​IMG])

    Interesting to see at 20 people 'helped', you get all NES/SNES/N64 VC games for free, must be insanely difficult to do legitly though.
    I wonder if it can be exploited? I'm guessing Nintendo have their bases covered on this one, but deleting the shop channel account and reformatting on a second Wii (the person you're 'helping') might be worth a try. Although I'd hazard a guess that they can identify the console by some internal hardware ID so it wouldn't work, but you never know. Possibly any such ID could also be spoofed, I know MAC addresses for network adapters on PCs can be. Obviously if a workaround was found though, there's still the fact that racking up 20 people 'helped' extremely quickly could possibly raise suspicions on Nintendo's part (I'm assuming such a thing would be easy to monitor/identify).
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    Why the fuck anybody would care is beyond me. If you want to cheat Nintendo or get games for free then use WADs.