Connecting a Wii to a internal PC Hard Drive

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Mr.Guy, Aug 20, 2011.

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    EDIT: Okay honestly I kinda fudged up the title. What It should say is 'Connecting a Wii to a PC to a External HDD'. Sorry that was misleading. Also it is a 2 TB Seagate. It is tested and it does work when just plugged into a Wii itself despite what the compatibility wiki says.

    Okay so basically I DO have an external HDD but its connected to my PC and I have many things stored on it (ie: Movies, Music, etc) and I dont find the idea of unplugging the HDD and then plug it back in to my Wii appealing for fear of possibly breaking it and for the simple convenience of maybe wanting to watch something while I play. I don't have the expendable cash to get another HDD specifically for my Wii nor do I have that many games. I split the partition on my HDD and gave myself 100 GB to roam free with backups only to have used 30 GB of 100. I bought a USB cord that is Male on both ends and I also bought a USB splitter to possibly split my HDD to the Wii and PC to test and see if I could, and that didn't work. HBC and USB Loader GX dont recognize anything and neither does my PC.

    Can someone tell me what I can do? Here is thread that has some great info I'm just not sure what to do with it or if this method (Post #3) has been tested and I dont want to mess up a USB port for my lack of knowledge on this.;#entry2538206

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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    Basically you can not connect a usb device to two other devices at the same time

    Your experiments with bad cables are more likely to bust ports then simple reconnecting would

    the cheapest solution is to
    buy 2 usb extension cables (aka usb-A-male to usb-A-female)
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