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    Nov 7, 2007
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    I'm still confused about this whole SMG/Updating/Duplicate channels thing so here is a few questions i need answered by someone who knows their stuff.

    1) My Wii Firmware is "3.0E", Will updating a Wiikey to the latest firmware to play SMG damage my console?
    2) What does some people do wrongly to end up with Duplicate channels?
    3) If i do update my Wii when the next update comes out, will it damage my console since i would have a Wiikey installed
    4) I keep hearing about Wii Connect 24, Do you have to turn it off when installing a Mod chip?
    5) What happens if i update using a NTSC backup and my Firmware is up to date?

    (I have not actually got a mod chip yet, just researching)
  2. manias

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    Aug 7, 2007
    1. update to 3.1 thru the internet
    2. if you have a pal wii, and run ntsc mario and let it update, you will get duplicate channels. If you let it update but pull the power out at 15% or so, you won't. If you do that, burn two marios: one original with regionfrii, the other also brickblocked (and regionfrii). After the power thing use the brickblocked one. (apparently you need to regionfrii dunno why even tho wiikey e.g. has regionfree stuff)
    3. no
    4. nothing to do with modchips. It's a 24/7 internet connection, which means the wii is active, but the fan is not. Therefore it could overheat theoretically. even in nonmodded ones.
    5. double channels if ur @ latest firmware already, if not then a semibrick.