Confusion about updating ps3 from 3.55 to latest rebug

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    Hello to you all. I have a question. I have ps3 with firmware 3.55 and i want to update to latest rebug cfw but i can't find clear tutorial on the Internet. Some say you need to install some toolbox or packages before you update from 3.55 to rebug or you will get bricked. Other say that you have different "versions" of 3.55 that on some of them it won't work. And also what is cex, dex, rex? I already hacked my 3ds ,wii ,wii u, psp and psvita. But in the ps3 scene i'm completely noob. I Never had or played on any main sony console (Ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4). I will very appreciate your help.

    Edit: i think i understand. The different versions of 3.55 refer to custom firmwares and the thing you need to install called "toggel qa" and you need to install it only if you downgrade to 3.55. So i just put the ps3updat.pup in the update folder that inside the ps3 folder and update via usb flash drive. Am i right?
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    Well I used this video to do mine
    I had to go to the rebug site and download a different version of the jailbreak because when I tried I got a error when trying to install it saying it was corrupted so here's where you get the jailbreaks
    Depending on the one you get they recommend Dex so if when you install it and your on Cex look up a video on converting it to Dex Also the video doesn't cover very well to protect yourself from getting banned download the latest version of PSN patch and PSNinja never sign into your account unless you use PSNninja and PSN patch look up a video on how to use them or text me on kik there's always a chance of getting banned not matter what you do the best you can do is take precautions if you get a console banned you'll half to buy new console IDs which range from $10-30 also the version of Rebug Toolbox from the video isn't the lates he doesn't have the latest version in his download links I believe you can get most the Homebrew apps psn ninja PSN patch etc here
    If you need any further help go ahead and text me on Kik at dubstepjake