Confused on what R4 files are

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Kevy, Jan 9, 2013.

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    Jan 1, 2013
    I got a DSTWO then it bricked so I'm thinking about getting a R4i GOLD 3DS.
    On the DSTWO I know that the:
    firmware file updates the card itself so it'll work on updated consoles
    EOS files are just files so the game itself will turn on

    I'm new to R4 and I don't want it to get bricked like before so I'm being careful. I've read on the internet something about "Kernels" and "Wood". What are these?

    Also what should I download from and put into the card so it'll work on my 3DS v4.5.0-10?

    If a new update for the 3DS came out, how should I approach to update the card so it'll won't brick ONLY USING A 3DS CONSOLE?

    The reason my DSTWO bricked was cause I didn't update the card properly so I want to do this properly.
    Also, I can't read the sticky forums, they're all have websites on them (encryption or whatever they're called) and I don't see any pictures so it's confusing me.
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    EoS is what they call the kernel/software. EoS is the specific name for what the DSTwo uses. Other carts use different things, for example the Acekard's is called AKAIO, supported R4 models use Wood, etc.

    So Wood to an R4 is the same thing as EoS to the DSTwo. Wood is what you need to run the games, the firmware updates are what you need for 3DS/DSi compatibility.

    When a new update comes out, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY UPDATE YOUR GODDAMNED 3DS! Update your flash cart FIRST with the latest update, meaning you will need to wait until the update comes out. Only then will it be safe to update the 3DS.
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    Jun 4, 2012
    Hey, guys, till now r4i gold 3ds (with "Deep Labyrinth " icon) can support 3ds v4.5.
    You just need to download the latest wood firmware v1.56 from its official site.
    I checked shoptemp, and found this site, there are some related infos about this card.