Confused about Supercard DStwo for 3DS

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    Sep 9, 2010
    I have been away for a long time from the flashcard scene and have been looking for what I think might be the best card for me which is the Supercard DStwo due to it's auto AP bypass feature now where the confusion is was when I read on sites of people selling it as version 1.4.3 which is for the DSi and saying it's compatible with 2.1.0-4u 3DS, now that seems pretty simple but yet when I visit their website it says the latest firmware is their fireware 1.12 and that it's compatible with 3DS 2.0 so I guess the confusion is how is it that people selling their cards are able to have more up to date firmware than the companies website itself? I just want a card that can be updated and play DS games on my 3DS with the highest potential of running 3DS roms in the distant future? is the auto Anti-Piracy bypass feature whereby you don't have to wait for updated firmware to play the latest games worth the extra cash over a R4i Gold? thanks
    PS...what does it mean by EOS update for the supercard DStwo and should I buy a DS lite for 20$ as I read somewhere you have to have one period as the 3DS can't load the cards software or something like that.
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    I'll tell you from having a SCDS2 and a 3DS on the latest firmware that it does work. Someone else can probably answer your other questions.
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    Dec 19, 2010
    The SCDS2 works on all 3DS and DSi firmwares. EOS is the latest Kernel. You do not need to buy a DSLite as the latest patches for 3DS firmware updates now work perfectly on the 3DS (the original patch did have some issues but that has been fixed). The AP Bypass os the SCDS2 means that it is very rare that a game will have any Anti Piracy issues and that the kernel EOS does not get updated as often as kernels do for other carts.
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    OK first off, there are many people who can answer this better than I but I do have extensive use and knowledge of the DS2i.

    The last question first, having tried all the other xcards available (alright maybe not ALL.. but most) I can say there is no equal to the DS2i. You will have far less trouble using it and thier support is one of the best on the market, also plays other console stuff (ds, snes, nes, neo etc..)as well as can be hoped for right now.
    ( as a side note, I personally buy (buy = pay for) every game I run on it commerciially speaking, but that's just my own thing Also I run guides and real true homebrew from it too as well as GBA, snes, nes and the other usual suspects... ..(yeah I own every single one of them, I spent way too much money on this..)) ANYWHO....

    compatibility wise, it will save many hours of headaches and you will spend months watching everyone else on the net scramble for update this, patch that and so forth while your're playing on...yes it is worth the money the answer to the first question if I'm understanding it correctly is, the community supports various compatible OS's and may have an upgrade before the company gets to it... but from experience they (sompany) have good support. I can't say the AP works (immediately)100% but it if there's an update needed (rarely) it will be done in 48 hours, you can pretty well bank on that. I have found nothing that WON'T run on it so faR, keep in mind the diff. between the firmware which helps the DS recognize the cart and the OS which interporeats and runs the games, and the community as well as the companies support both. Many homeberw developers will tweek it to work for thier own particular use, and share thier kindness with the community which is how they are being released when not by the company it'self.A
    nd no I don';t work for them but I find they have a damd fine product and am about to get another for safe keeping backup purposes even though I have yet to have a problem with the first one. It is the only cart I have not had to replace, repair, patch and so on.... ever. (periodic OS updates excluded)
    I guess the short version is, of all the claims, from all the cards, this one does the most to make good on those claims., IMO if any of the present flash cards can run the (true)) 3d it would be this one... It also handles larger 16 & 32 gb chips well.

    PS I update my dsi, dsi XL and 3ds whenever it is offered by N. and have never done without a working ds2i for it.

    I hope this helps but there are many others here who can give you better details on what i've said, or correct me in the rare instance I',m wrong.
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  5. war2thegrave

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    One thing you might be concerned about, is whether or not you care about
    the dstwo's exclusive applications which use the built in cpu and ram.
    The 3ds already has significantly shorter battery life than the ds and that
    extra cpu will impact it even more.

    To be honest, once the 3ds is hacked, a natvie gba emulator probably won't
    be too far behind, and at this point, you might have to buy a flashcart that can
    actually run in 3ds mode, just like how most flash carts can't run in dsi mode.
    Right now probably isn't the best time to be buying the best of the best if it
    can only run regular ds software.

    The hacking and homebrew scene moves pretty fast and not long after the 3ds
    is opened up, there'll be a dozen flashcarts that will be leaps and bounds ahead
    of the dstwo.

    If you don't care about the extra cpu and ram of the dstwo and just want to play
    ds games, the dsonei has all of the features of the dstwo, except the cpu and ram,
    is updated just as often, costs $10 - $15.00 less, and will not have a noticable
    impact on battery life.
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    Sep 9, 2010
    hey guys thanks for the replies, sorry I took so long, been really busy the last few days.
  7. Deathwing Zero

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    May 22, 2010
    Okay, most of the points were covered, I'll try to finish up what's left.

    The 1.4.3 mentioned is the firmware for Nintendo DSi units, vs. the 3DS' and it says 2.0 but it also works on
    The "fireware" is a mistranslation of Firmware, this needs to be updated (usually) if a Nintendo Firmware update blocks the card.
    Firmware is currently 1.12, EOS is currently 1.11
    Difference between EOS is EOS is the Operating System (what you see when you use the card) the firmware is software that runs in the background and has no visible GUI. These ARE different.
    Supercard DSTWO will never be able to run 3DS roms, that will require a new card (as stated previously)
    The Auto Anti-Piracy works perfectly for some games, for example Pokemon Black/White. Other games, for example, Kirby Mass Attack will require an update to a file called "ndspatch.dat" These updates are typically available 1-2 days after the SCENE release of a ROM, not to be confused with the release date of the official game.

    I think that's everything, as for buying a DS Lite, if the Supercard DSTWO comes with Firmware 1.12 already on it, a DSLite won't be necessary, however if it has a lower firmware on it, you may need it. I have seen guides for updating the card on a 3DS, but I don't know how useful they are as I updated my card before buying my 3DS.

    I hope that answers your questions. You can check the supercard website for more info if needed.