Confirmed: Project Cafe Controller to Use 6-Inch Touch Screen

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    Apr 6, 2010

    1UP - Nikkei newspaper in Japan confirmed today what has long been rumored, that Nintendo's Project Café console would utilize a controller equipped with a touch screen panel and built in camera.
    The new controller will include a six-inch touch screen which the newspaper says will allow tablet-like functionality. The device can also be used a portable game system. It will run on a rechargeable battery.

    The camera will allow for games that will let players create avatars of themselves, similar to the 3DS Mii creator.

    Nikkei (which is sort of like the Japanese version of the Wall Street Journal) referred to the console only as the "Wii's successor," and says the console was developed as a response to the growth of the tablet and smartphone market. Apparently, Nintendo's hope is that a controller that works as a self-sufficient handheld system will appeal to casual gamers. The console is slated for release in the "latter half of 2012."
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