Configurable USB Loader Forwarder Failure and Other Quirks

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    Jan 15, 2011

    I've been experiencing a few quirks (not errors, as such) with a particular combination of hardware and software.

    For reference, I am using the following:

    The following problems I did not encounter when using a Freecom 16GB Databar (USB Flash Disk) with the loader on it:[*]The forwarder no longer forwards to the Configurable USB Loader on the USB Hard Disk, returns to Wii System Menu.[*]HBC does not find any of the apps on the USB Hard Disk IF the SD card is inserted (only the SD apps show). When the SD card is removed, the apps on the USB Hard Disk show (and run) fine.The first problem happens regardless of the SD card being present or not. However, it is important to note that without the SD card in the SD slot, the loader runs fine from the HBC (via the USB Hard Disk) and I have absolutely no issues with backups nor homebrew for extended periods of time.

    As a control, the Freecom 16GB Databar was used with the same loader and selection of backups and homebrew apps. It, and the SD card played perfectly nice together, with no problems at all.

    Are there any reasons for the above quirks to occur? Any fixes? It seems odd to me that the HBC does not read both, and that the forwarder does not work either.

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