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    I feel like some sort of ghost that only comes out once a year anymore... anyway.

    Is it at all possible to have an gba emu connect to your own gba through, say, the Gameshark SP USB cable?
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    Jul 2, 2007
    I'm 99.5% sure this is NOT possible. Well one there isn't that feature in any emulators and VBA isn't being upgraded anymore. And two, I think the GBA can tell the difference from an emulator and a real one, because if it slowed down on the PC, then the GBA could freeze. Thats just what I think.
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    There was a method using a version of VBA called VBAlinkreal and a custom cable but the homepage has long since vanished. I do not think I have a copy either, edit can find that but not the schematics.

    If you have a DLDI supporting GBA cart you could use this:
    Or you could get saves some other way.
    and VBAlink (not connected to above):