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    Feb 15, 2009
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    i have a burned copy of the conduit and i was plaing it on gamma but i only made it to half of the game and it froze (story no multiplayer) first i was thinking it was a scratch but i kept trying and it kept freezing, so i said fuck it and put on the original but it tell me to update so i tryed playing the original on gamma and it says error 002 so i was wondering if i do the update that come with the conduit will it mess up my mod wii or something. wat should i do i really want to pass this game but this thing wont let me

    PS: the only reason i have the orininal it is because my friends an me bought this game together and then we made copies of it since both my friends cant stop fighting over who has the original i decided to keep it
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    May 5, 2009
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    Okay, this is exactly what I wrote elsewhere on GBAtemp, but here's something that should help:

    I would be using cIOSCORP and Preloader .28 (NOT .29) to launch from the disc channel. See, the gammer loader is 1) old and 2) must have the ISO files on the discs set to ISO249. There's a patcher program, but if you use cIOSCORP and Preloader, you don't need to worry about what IOS the game is on.
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