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    I've noticed that a bunch of people having referrals to websites like PrizeRebel in their signatures. Since a certain other website's name was censored, I was wondering why the staff hasn't taken much action to bring these links down. The rules say that 'begging' isn't allowed (which includes, and is not limited to, asking people to visit certain websites for points).

    Is there anything that the 'Temp is doing about this? Or are people allowed to keep the links in a small corner of their sigs?
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    That is a great question.
    I have a Swagbucks referral link in my signature. I looked through the rules, and at the time that I did I could not find anything directly against it.

    I.E. "Links to Survey Reward Sites or Referral Reward sites is forbidden and will result in a warning on the first offense and a ban on the third offense."

    So, IS it against the rules, or is it one of those gray areas?
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    is it even that big of a deal? it's not like they're spamming the forums and telling you to go there, it's only in their signature so it's pretty easy to ignore
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    We are more lenient towards this kind of stuff if its contained in a signature and is unobtrusive. The begging rule mostly applies to the creation of specific begging threads and posts. Of course under certain circumstances, such as when there is the potential of fraud and so on, signatures may also be removed, but that happens infrequently.
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    Also, as an addition to p1ngpong's explanation, I would like to add that "begging-to-visit-a-site threads" may be created with approval from a moderator, if you have a good reason for it (school work, oppinions on some other work / hobby project etc.)

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    IIRC there was an exceptional number of rule breaks from members promoting that site so it was blocked.
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    God that was a nightmare. Since it's been blocked however, I cannot get my gym shorts out of it. If you guys see then number 338, run, never look back.
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