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    Hi, I was looking for an app/tool to create your own 'spinning wheel' for gamers. It should have some options for add/customise it with their personal gamelist, so when you could use it into a bigger type of game what has a mission random pick from spinning what does the shuffle result to get you on it. you have in games like challenge mode, so why not try to setup an bigger game with missions in games for a list.
    What you play at the moment, and it's a huge collection and try to find a type-of gaming/style of playing with it, for more littler times and to break it. You could make it a big show later maybe with nice spinning/twisted effects, in that show you could create for that part. when practising with that you could tune it better for the tighter show/presentattion of it., (what mode or first impression you should give/get next steps [​IMG]
    You have real spinning things of materials, but i mean a software thing/gadget to put on your desktop, or file opening/ put it on you'r favorite member site.
    So if you had knew people who play games who already use such like this, maybe you've heard of it or know about it and want to tell it could help me to find it(too) and some find it for her/his likes. thnks for help please
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    I can't understand half your post but Backloggery has something similar to what i think you're describing for randomly picking what to play from your games.
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    I'm becoming fluent in translating posts like these and even I can't translate this. I'll have to ask the person who's teaching me how to translate stuff like this.