Computer beeping when under load

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    Whenever I play something graphic intensive, after a few minutes my computer will periodically 'beep', and I seem to remember on another computer, when screwing with the bios, there were options on what to do with overheating, and by default it was at _____ do a warning beep, is that what my computer is doing? This never used to happen before :S and only happens on games which I can hear the fan speed up, quite clearly (ie portal) and not games that are new enough to make some use of the graphics card but not push it anywhere near the limit (ie WC3). What should I do?
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    First make sure it is nothing like stickykeys: they are set to appear when you press shift/control and other keys which games tend to have as run, duck, reload and such.

    After that a few ideas:
    first clean out the fan, heatsink (plus any heat pipes and whatnot you may have) and move all the cables to allow for good airflow (you will probably need some electrical tape and cable ties for this one).

    second check the fan, if it is just started the fan could be on the way out, also consider reseating the heatsink.

    third if you do not mind a bit of noise it seems like your fan is set to dynamic, either put it on full blast or set the base level to something higher: it is easier to prevent cooling but if you have a spinup time then it makes life a bit harder.

    4th find an overclocking guide and follow it until you actually get to the overclocking as it will better set up your bios. I suggest you do not use load based clocking as well. Another guide:

    Try a proper test, I applaud your reasoning but something like prime95 for every core you have is a good idea. Failing that a lot of stuff allows overlays in game (I have NVTray which sticks FPS, memory usage and temps for my graphics cards).
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    Virus(Happened to my dads laptop.
    Your fan is covered. Get a air can or somthing. Theres probably loads of dusts.
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    My laptop has done that since I got it. Except it rarely happens when I just do things that put heavy load on the computer. It happens when I try to press the keyboard while the computer is under heavy load [​IMG]

    I just take it as a sign that it's trying to tell me to stop the button mashing. [​IMG]