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    I know a component cable is has the phono connection 1 end and a phono connection on the other when connecting DVD players and such. And i know that it carries the video signal down these cables. But CAN they carry an audio signal, like regualr phono to phono like from console to hifi? If so it will save me going to get another cable?


    Let me clarify. I have a component cable knocking around, 3 phono one end, 3 phono the other. Will this carry sound from my AV block on my gamecube RGB lead to the 2x component audio sockets on the TV. I have just gotten Component leads for the gamecube you see and wanted to know if i needed to shell out for a proper cube stereo AV lead or whether i can go via an old component cable, from RGB scart block to TV.
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    There is no reason why it wouldn't work, I have heard of it working the other way around in short distances with a Phono cable being used instead on a component cable.
    In theory its the same cable just better quality.
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    Exact same cable. Any normal RCA can carry the video or audio regardless of being component video or composite.
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    I agree with them both...

    I have a pro background in audio, video, computers and lights.

    Quality is all that matters in this case... [​IMG]