Completed Shovel Knight. What other games is like it?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Harsky, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Harsky

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    I wasn't a big fan of the whole, "indie retro pixel games" because I assumed they were just using nostalgia graphics to hide a bland gameplay but I downloaded Shovel Knight a few days ago to try out a wireless receiver that allows 360 controllers to play on PC. What initially began as a one hour play turned into a several day experience where it was constant, "just one more go" after failing for the nth amount of time. Now that I beat the boss and started on the Plague Knight story, I realise, I want more.

    Before Shovel Knight, I tried out the Shantae Risky's Revenge (with keyboard which is NOT fun) and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on Wii U but with so many indie games released, I have no idea which is fun and which is just using the pixel graphics as a novelty.
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    Undertale is a retro looking game, kind of in the style of Earthbound. It's definitely worth checking out imo. Rogue Legacy is also pretty fun. Freedom Planet is a platformer akin to Sonic the Hedgehog, has that pixel look to it, but looks beautiful.
  3. Walker D

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    If what you're looking for are some good platformers, then here are some (that you can probably find on Steam):

    Maldita Castilla (free)
    Freedom Planet
    Kero Blaster
    Castle in the Darkness
    Ori and the Blind Forest
  4. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    As far as retro-ish looking (but good) platform games:
    Thomas was alone
    Giana Sisters: twisted dreams (okay, not exactly retro-ish...but certainly good)
    Cave story
    Guacamelee (note: this is more of a brawler than a platformer)
    Risk of rain

    There's something to be said for DLC quest as well, but it's more of a joke than a real game.

    Other great retro-ish games:
    Eldritch: survival horror with looks of wolfenstein 3D
    Hero siege: isometric perspective...but I don't think this'd work with any other graphic style
    robot Roller-derby disco dodgeball: it looks like a UT2004-mod (or even a UT99), but is pretty addictive if you try it
    One finger death-punch: not technically a platformer, not exactly pixel art and not really a rhythm game...but I'll mention it anyway because of how great it is at what it does
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