Complete Rom and ISO for every system for collecting and history

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by PieMan6474, Jun 12, 2018.

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    I forgot
    That would be an issue with the emulators, not the game. Xbox emulation is not even remotely usable for the average person at the moment, CXBX Reloaded (basically the only emulator that can run commercial games at playable speeds) only runs like...5 or 6 games maybe at a mostly full speeds with only some glitches.

    SMT Nine is not one of those 5 or 6 games. <
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    Maybe one day :sad:
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    regarding storage here's my two cents

    I have a similar problem with personal/family photos and videos. I want to keep all of them over time and never lose a single file, but we take pictures and videos nearly every day (you'll understand when you have kids)

    I'm worried to lose them all, that would suck because they represent decades of memories. So what I do is I store them on hard drives. I buy new hard drives regularly, saving the contents of my old hard drive onto the new one each time.

    Oldest USB hard drive I have is from about 15 years ago: 120 GB (it still works fine)
    Then I have a 500 GB one too, still works fine
    Then I bought a 2TB one 3 years ago, still works fine
    Then I bought a second 2TB one a year ago to back up my 2TB one in case I'd lose it, still works fine
    I just recently bought a 4TB drive because it's so damn cheap.

    I have many versions of the same files but I don't really care. So far all my hard drives still work. I cant say I am particularly careful, I carry them around a lot, but none have ever died on me. This is going to sound like an ad but I use those Western digital ones "My passport" they're called. Except the oldest one, dont remember what brand it is.

    Anyhow the point is: yes a single copy on one media is dangerous and you can lose it all at once. But storage technologies move fast. I paid less for my 4TB drive this year than my 120 GB hard drive 15 years ago. It's likely it will continue this way with new storage mechanisms hitting the market. The future holds exciting prospects, what with biomechanical storage, DNA storage, quantum storage, etc

    EDIT: regarding OP's project, sorry but it seems completely dumb. Unless you have two lifetimes ahead of you and plan to do nothing useful with your life anyway.
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