Complete Noob looking to homebrew my 3DS

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    Ok I have look at SO many threads and so may are outdated and what not and so many dont really help me with my question, my question is, I just picked up a O3DS XL, and it is running FW 9.4.0-21u, I want to know if I should upgrade it to 11.2 or 11.3 or something before I I put a CFW on it, or If I should leave it on the FW it has..

    There are a lot of threads about homebrew and CFW but I cant find ANY discussion what firmware is best for hacking, that is UPDATED, I read 9.2 is/was best but those threads are from a couple years ago, so is that still true or not?

    Basically I want to have my 3DS homebrewed so I can play DS/3DS backups and also Emulators, and I cant find a thread for a complete noob on how to do it. do I need both homebrew AND CFW? Ive hacked a several systems and this one seems to be the most confusing...
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