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    Feb 13, 2015
    For years, I have benchmarked tech and/or entertainment products of any kind with the simple and arbitrary formula: for each € of price, it ought to be worth an equal or larger amount of hours of use...

    Ever since I bought and "100%'d" the N3DS version of Xenoblade (it's physically impossible to 100% that game as some missions are mutually exclusive, but you get the idea), a life-changing revelation came on me, after figuring my 45 € were worth 160 hours of entertainment: few games I've bought at a very similiar price were even remotely worth 160 hours!

    Later that year (2015), I had bought a cheap laptop (current gen Celeron, 2 GB, 32 GB, 250 €) from a not-too-local electronics store. No regrets, and it ended up satisfying my above standard...

    Late 2016. I buy, almost for fun and because the price is too good to be true, a then-higher-end (and still one of the best built) 2007 laptop for 50 €. I end up buying upgrade and repair parts, etc - for probably less than 200 € total - and the result is not only extremely satisfying (it's more than replaced my use of the previous one), but it was cheaper, on both an absolute scale and per-hour, than that one!

    Fast forward to barely a month ago. I bought some 200+ small pieces of plastic for 110 €!
    I don't really regret it (it's something I wanted to buy for years, it's pretty scarce on the Italian market, at no time the price was significantly better - though in hindsight I could have bought it for less from the manufacturer's store in Akihabara while I was there - and it's probably not going down anytime soon, I found a new satisfying hobby too!)

    But I now always end up thinking of those few hundred grams of decorative plastic, comparing them with one of the best build quality, most multipurpose tech products ever - that I obtained at a comparable cost.

    And it's only spreading. Suddenly, the monthly cost of working in the big city (100 € parking subscription, about 40-50 € gas) is one hand-remade PC; an O2DS is half of a PC, etc

    This is driving me moderately crazy. Or maybe it's just proof that (the few quality built) PCs are indeed master race?

    After I first mentioned the value-of-Xenoblade to value-of-200-plastic-pieces consideration to a significant online friend of mine, she replied:
    I replied:
    :D :D
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