Company of Heroes weekend Steam sale

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by injected11, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Valve has announced that this weekend will see Company of Heroes receive a steep discount on Steam. The original game as well as the Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor expansions will be available for 75 percent off the usual price.

    All three, usually packaged for $49.99, will be available for a paltry $12.49. For those out there looking for a real-time strategy fix, it looks like your weekend is booked.

    [​IMG] Source[/p]

    Normal price = $9.99 (CoH) / $19.99 (Opposing Fronts) / $29.99 (Tales of Valor) / $49.99 (package deal for all 3)
    Sale price = $2.49 (CoH) / $4.99 (Opposing Fronts) / $7.49 (Tales of Valor) / $12.49 (package deal for all 3)

    Genre: Action, Strategy
    Developer: Relic Entertainment
    Publisher: THQ
    Release Date: Sep 11, 2006
    Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

    Metascore ( = 93/100 (Company of Heroes) / 87/100 (Opposing Fronts) / 70/100 (Tales of Valor)

    Another very tempting deal. Not sure if I'm gonna hop on this one yet, but I'll decide after a few gameplay vids and reviews.

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    I'm on the same boat as you.
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    I bought Tales of Valor a few years back, and if your computer can run it then this is a steal for the current price.

    I paid $30 and I would easily do it again.
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    I got the Company of Heroes: Online beta and it seems to be the full game. Hopefully that game works because I meant to play the entire Single Player this summer but i didnt get to
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    BTW, people who have legitimate keys for the original games get bonuses or something in CoH:Online, or at least that's what I heard. Maybe not now when it's in beta though.

    Campaign in the first two games are pretty nice. Sometimes it feels like they're really raining hell on your positions. Them Panzers have serious armor on them. And yeah, they said they are putting the full campaign in CoH:Online. It's up to you if you want to buy it. They had another sale for it at $12.49 a while back when I bought it.

    I like it, even though it's VERY slow. Games can be an hour long. I like both this and SC(2). At the time, I was looking for a "new generation?" RTS and SupCom and World in Conflict didn't cut it(Never played CnC), but CoH was pretty fun. Maybe because the UI was familiar in a way from playing SC. DoW2... Haven't tried it enough.
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    I'd want to get these now but my notebook is running out of memory [​IMG]
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    Isn't this going to be available completely free soon anyway? I thought THQ was going to release the main game almost in its entirety, and do a micro-transaction thing for it.