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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Youkai, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Jul 1, 2004
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    Sometimes I really wonder how companies nowadays can survive with how they actually do their work ...

    just a few examples,
    I called my Internet and TV provider because some hardware broke down (after ~6 days in use) and told them "... is broken I need a replacement" now two days later (yeah that's actually good) some technician came here to look into my problem and I told him "I told the woman on the Phone already what is broken and that I need a replacement", looked at me and it took a while until he even knew what I was talking about and than told me that he doesn't have a replacement because those things are hardly used anymore oO so he checked if I was right (and of course I was) and told me he will call me later if he somehow gets a replacement for me ...

    other thing is I get a mail from my new landlord (a company that owns many many houses in the whole town) that I have to hurry up and give them the "SEPA Mandate" back they send me ... yeah I wrote back that I did it already 3 weeks ago -.-V and say what "Oh I found it sleeping at my co-workers office"

    my girlfriend works at a company that sells wood planks and she is doing all the marketing and communication with France (she is only a part timer there) cuz no one else there speaks French and not even English !!! And there are some customers who ask her about prices and other things for weeks and her co-workers who's job it is to make the prices and whatever tell her after 2 weeks they forgot -.-V
    (similar like the company I worked before)

    Just how can companies like this nowadays make any money at all ...
    and the "poor" people that have direct customer contact are the idiots because these guys in their offices seem to "forget" thing easy or let them "sleep" or just don't tell those who need the informations
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