Coming up for DS games this month

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    Kirby Super Star Ultra: (22th September)

    Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS re-imagines one of the most beloved Kirby games of all time. The game features new graphics and fully rendered animated cut scenes. With so many adventures waiting to be unlocked, there will never be a dull moment as Kirby runs, floats, copies enemies and uses Helpers to fight King Dedede and Meta Knight. New modes like Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra await, along with classics like The Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes. On top of the main modes, there are also three new touch-screen-controlled mini-games that can be played with up to three friends via DS Download Play. Not only that, but players can go on Kirby adventures with a friend via local wireless as well.

    Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure: (23th September)

    Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is a musical RPG that has musical numbers, complete with vocals.Players will take on the role of Cornet, who can talk to puppets and has a magical horn that grants wishes. She must save Prince Ferdinand, who has been turned into stone by an evil witch.

    Dinosaur King: (23th September)

    The spinoff of Sega's popular Mushi King games, Dinosaur King is a kids oriented title that has you battling your favorite dinosaurs. As Max or Rex, otherwise known as the D-Team, players will collect over 100 dinosaurs, each with its own special moves totaling over 240 in all. Traveling to five different territories around the globe, players will dig for fossils that are indigenous to that region. Once the player has collected their dinosaurs, exciting battles can begin with the evil Dr. Z, a greedy scientist bent on destruction and world domination.

    Disgaea DS:
    (23th September)

    The first Disgaea game for the DS has the same basic concept as other strategy RPGs, but uses many unique features and enhancements. Features include the use of Geo Cubes (magic items that add more depth to multi-player battles, Demon Gadgets (randomly generated items that appear on the battlefield) and more.

    Tornado: (30th September)

    Tornado lets players join forces with Toki and the other members of the Cosmic Cleaners as they set out to restore all of Earth's buildings, vehicles, inhabitants and other obscure objects that have been stolen by the envious Prince using his mischievous "Black Hole Device." Using a combination of stylus and microphone activated controls, players will travel across Planet 69 as they level up and max out their "Tornado Machines" to literally uproot everything in their paths in effort to take back what Prince has wrongfully stolen and return it to Earth.

    Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood: (30th September)

    Sonic and his friends have banded together with leading RPG developer BioWare (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) to create a stylish blend of strategy and speed for Sonic's first RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

    Exclusively for the Nintendo DS, Sonic Chronicles mixes a rich story, hand-painted visuals, fast-paced team combat, and wireless collectible trading into a uniquely compelling adventure. Players will customize their party and characters, choosing from Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles,Shadow, Rouge, and more, and prepare to defeat a menacing new enemy. Rhythmically tapping anddragging with the stylus in Sonic-style battles, players can level up and use Rings to buy new specialattacks as they progress through 20 different and beautifully hand-drawn areas including new andclassic Sonic locales. With an engaging storyline, lightning fast attacks, high production values, and impeccable visuals, Sonic Chronicles allows gamers to experience Sonic in a whole new way.

    This is all for the month September. (ALL GAMES ARE FROM THE USA)
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    Uhm.. Isn't this like the 50th thread about which games are coming in September?
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    Crappy games this month...And Tornado sounded fun until I read the description. Thought it would be a weather type game. But I'll just sit her quietly waiting impatiently for the months to come that release good DS games.

    And yeah, this is about the 50th thread. But I really like Hadrian's threads most. He should be updating it soon...
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    Kirby Super Star Ultra,Rhapsody and Disgaea are gonna be awesome!!!

    Might have to give Sonic Chronicles a miss though.
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    Can't beat the original ones eh?

    For the Euro ones (for which there are even more) see the September one in my sig.

    The one for October will appear soon, and then everyone else will do their own one afterwards. Still beats all the "is it out yet" threads.
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    Oct 26, 2007
    I can't believe people are actually pumped up for Disgaea DS D: Hasn't everyone played the 12304897120384 ports? Besides, the game has been out for quite a while now...
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    Hey.. this isn't Hadrian's thread..
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    I still never played any Disgaea games, nor did a few of my friends.......

    Also, Disgaea, Rhapsody, Sonic, RF 2, and LR 2. Looks like a pretty good line up to me.
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    I know.. Everyone's making their own version.. I think~ [​IMG]
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    Hehe right I do only the USA titles ;)
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    I would much rather people just list the one game they liked enough to give a damn about, and then add the number of other titles due out as a number.

    Does anyone here really give a flying monkey fart if a new pet game gets released?
    Do you think anyone else here gives a flying monkey fart if a new pet game gets released?

    So why bother wasting our time telling us?

    Between now and sometime next spring there will likely be IF you are lucky 3 games you MIGHT have bought if free wasn't a better deal. The rest you will likely download because as it's free you simply can't help yourself (or you one of those weirdos that thinks have a complete archive of every DS game will actually ever mean bugger all to anyone).