Coming Soon - free 2015 Multiboot Lite Speed - for 8GB USB

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  1. Gooplusplus

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    This should be available in two weeks or so. Contents: 6GB of distros and 2GB of USB persistence files.


    Older Multiboot Collections --

    (MB) - USB 2015 Multiboot Lite Speed (YUMI-based) contents
    ---1 FreeDOS
    --13 Super Grub2 202s2
    --15 TinyCore 6.1
    --74 Partition Wizard 9
    --99 OpenElec XBMC 3.2.4 (2013/12)
    -135 AVG Rescue
    -172 Hirens Lite 15.2
    ? -224 PupRescue
    -235 Porteus KDE 3.1 - 32
    -244 LxPup Tahr 15.03.1
    -294 Simplicity Netbook 151
    -340 Android x86 5.0.2
    x -401 Puppy Studio 4
    -601 Peppermint 5
    x -718 Knoppix 7.2.0 CD
    -969 Zorin 9 Lite
    1002 Xubuntu 14.10
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    You make some nice multiboot USBs sir! Kudos to you! :D
  3. Gooplusplus

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    Thanks. I'll have to backtrack a bit on the next one (Lite Speed) due to conflicts in release goals.

    This time I wanted to make all distros have USB persistence without requiring the users to (1) figure out how (2) take the time to do it. I also wanted to have both distros and persistence files fit on an 8GB USB flash drive. As a compressed archive, that's doable but not when uncompressed. I had to drop the older Knoppix, Puppy Studio 4 and Puppy Rescue distros from this release. For those with 16GB USB flash drives, I will probably provide a Google Drive link to add-on ZIP-EXE files that will directly update the release.

    Although installable on hard drive, no matter what I tried, I also could not find a way to make the USB Android 5.0.2 distro more than a "no save" non-persistent demo.

    I may bring back Puppy Rescue to the mix if I can but without USB persistence. You probably don't need that anyway for its intended use.