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    I have an original 3DS where it had the oldschool firmware that the first Gateway carts worked with. I havn't used or updated it forever. What should I use these days for the 3DS, should I just update my original Gateway, is there a new version or something better, can I upgrade firmware now? Thanks in advance community!
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    This is the DS section, anyway, check out this website and proceed as if you never modded it before:

    After installing a permanent entrypoint (Boot9Strap) and a CFW (for example Luma), they will give you a "kernel partition write protection" patch (among many others): that one means you'll be able to update to 11.5 while keeping your system modded

    Compared to Gateway back then, you will also be able to install games on the console's SD card instead of on a flashcard, DSiWare and virtualized GBA games will work, there will be no need to use an emunand...

    Gateway is frankly not recommended anymore, between the fact it cannot run 11.3 or newer, their attitude of deliberately damaging consoles if you use clone cards, serious deficiencies of their CFW like the above mentioned kernel protection patch, and having to jump through hoops to use them with modern entrypoints (due to their lack of interest in improving their software)

    Their "blue card", a clone of some R4i, can still be used as a passable DS flashcard
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