Coming back after about a year and lost. 9.0 N3DS with gateway

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  1. Gris

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    So it's been awhile since I've messed around with CFW on my hacked 3DS. It is 9.0.2U and I have a Gateway Red and Blue card. I know I have BigBlueMenu and a few CIAs installed but past that I'm in the dark. I pulled up the internal SD card hoping it'd have a Gateway version number apparent for a starting point but I haven't seen one.

    I remember using a browser exploit to launch, but the few that I've looked for ( and the CFW QR code from the guide) aren't working. The BootNTR.cia is showing a data modified of 11/28/2015 and the BBM and everything else looks to be around the same. At this point I'm pretty sure I can remember or figure out how to install CIAs if I could boot into Gateway menu and into my EmuNAND.

    Have there been any major updates for CFW in the past year? I looked through the FAQ and it sounds like everything is still operating off of 9.0ish firmware, but I've seen a few new names like Luma3DS and such. If anyone has any links or info on new developments that'd be amazing.
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    Big new thing is arm9loaderhax, which is perm cfw basically. Its really easy to install on 9.0-9.2 with a new3ds.

    Gateway is mostly considered obsolete now.
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    In the meantime, menuhax appeared, allowing you to boot your Gateway directly at boot without needing OoT nor an internet connection.
    And free CFWs also appeared like rxTools.

    And both of these are considered bad alternatives :P

    Because A9LH and Luma also appeared. Luma is the most up to date CFW, and A9LH the best entrypoint. Runs at boot like menuhax but has a 100% boot rate (90% for menuhax) and 0 second delay (8 seconds). And allows you to run everything in sysNAND instead of having an emuNAND (which is great for GBA VC and stuff).

    Most people would tell you to ditch your Gateway and install A9LH but you can also use your Gateway with A9LH, so that's what I'd tell you to do. Then if you're bored of your cart, you can perfectly switch to Luma too (you only lose the Gateway cheats engine and the rest is better, and since you're on an old Gateway version, you probably don't even know what cheat engine I'm talking about so you may want to switch to Luma now).

    The guide for A9LH is here
    Do not follow Gateway's Fastbullshit.
    At the end of this guide, you can change some steps to keep your emuNAND and plug this guide instead to have your Gateway working again
  4. Gris

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    Apr 23, 2013
    United States
    Thanks to both of you, saved me a hell of a lot of time!
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