Gaming Coming Across Some Odd Issues and Wondering How to Address Them


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Oct 11, 2011
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So for a while now I seem to be having more and more odd issues with games on my switch with SX OS (System 8.1, SXOS 2.8 beta). I've been getting my games from the same sources that didn't seem to have problems before.

The issues are:

-Increased occurrence of corruption. Under odd circumstances. Earlier I was playing a game (XCI file) just fine, I exited the game (home button then Y button on the game) and went to mess around with other games. One of those other games caused the system to crash. When I got the system back up the first game I was playing no longer had an image it just showed the circular load icon in the center of where it's image should have been. Trying to run it told me it was corrupted. Did the scan and yes it was corrupted. Went to the settings menu and uninstalled the game, "reloaded" the XCI file in SXOS and it booted up fine. Messed around in the game for a few minutes, then hit the home button, exited the game again...and it became corrupted again?!

-Frequent system crashes; either mid-game or while loading some games. It seems to be consistent, that is it isn't happening randomly, but with certain games. I know this may be more of a source issue, so I guess my main question here is if there is a way to tell if a game/software is going to be problematic before it causes an issue.

-Last main issue is some recent games have been saying that Airplane mode needs to be shut off before they will launch. I'm guessing this is some sort of passive-aggressive anti-piracy measure, but what is the proper way to address these?

So aside from those, I guess I'm just wondering if there is a best practice "guide" or post that indicates how to deal with these weird issues and how to properly troubleshoot them.
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