Comic Book DS ver 2.0 Beta 5

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    Comic Book DS ver 2.0 Beta 5

    Latest update

    Francis Bonnin, Comic Book DS developer releases an update to his comic books reader for the DS.


    This new build also fixes some bugs and improved performance.

    • BugFix PC: No more problem for renaming files (in specific cases some images were ot converted).
    • BugFix PC: No more resizing of little images (before, the size was increased to reach the specified size). It's then quicker to convert small images.
    • BugFix PC: There was a problem when some entries in pictods were unchecked.
    • New DS: Quicker load of the thumbnails, miniature and images, once a comic book is opened (mainly for big .cbds files).
    • New DS: Current page number is displayed during image load.
    • New DS: A Warning message is displayed if there is not enough memory to fully decode the image.
    [​IMG] Comic Book DS v2.0 (Beta 5)