Comic Book DS v2.1

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    Aug 3, 2006
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    # 2.1 (16/03/2007):

    * BugFix PC: Image size settings are now correctly used and saved.
    * BugFix PC: Sometimes, the image was not correctly resized.
    * BugFix PC: Better error handling, using popups to display error messages.
    * BugFix PC: Detect when a .zip (.cbz) file is not a .rar (.cbr) file.
    * New PC: Drag N' Drop support for file and folder addition.
    * New PC: 'Open output folder' item added in menu.
    * New PC: When the ComicBook name is changed, the output filename is changed accordingly.
    * BugFix DS: The images are now fully displayed. (there are no missing right and bottom parts of some images anymore).
    * BugFix DS: Memory regression problems solved, causing even small images to be partially displayed (the 'image too big' message display)
    * BugFix DS: Stylus Jumping effect is highly reduced.
    * BugFix DS: Program shouldn't freeze anymore when quickly switching from one book to another.
    * BugFix DS: More than 300 pages per Book can be browsed. (however, the display will be quite slow)
    * New DS: Thumbnails of the Library screen are loaded in background and they remain visible when switching between Library and Thumbnails modes.
    * New DS: A popup is displayed when an error is found on the filesystem. (causing some .cbds files not to be found


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    Wow! So much homebrew activity. Too bad I won't get my DS back until at least Monday... Great work gnese!