Comic Book DS 2.2

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    Floated by playeradvance just now and saw one of my favourite bits of homebrew got updated yesterday.



    # 2.2 (14/05/2007):
    • * New DS: Display of the folders and sub-folders containing .cbds files, for a better organization.
    • New DS: Alphabetical Sort of the .cbds files, according to the filename.
    • New DS: Customizable background image.
      3 background images are located in the "nds/ComicBookDSTheme" subdirectory of pictods. Copy them anywhere on your card (but all the 3 in the same directory), and you'll have those backgrounds displayed instead of the black one.
    • New DS: Magazine (and vertical images) handling : While being on the bottom of the image, pressing the bottom key will move the visible area to the top on the right (of left in manga mode). Same behavior for the top. Page changed may also be triggered.
    • New DS: Progressive Key scroll : 1 pixel scroll at the beginning, then quicker, until the maximum value is reached (the one defined in the .ini file)
    • New DS: Animated scroll of the Title/Author/Provider/Image name, when their length exceed the visible area.
    • New DS: A random book can be selected pressing the dice icon (visible in library mode, when the top-most folder is displayed).
    • New DS: Changes in the way the right/left hands icons are displayed, reflecting better that the first or final page is reached (mainly in the view modes).
    • BugFix DS: As usual ... small bug fixes and improvements.