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    This tutorial will allow you to swap Vita 'accounts' without formatting. This is most notably useful for quickly swapping accounts if you have games from two differents accounts on a single Vita.

    Here is what you require:
    • A Vita on an exploitable firmware that can use MailWriter (3.52 max)
    • A PS3
    • QCMA
    • An USB cable
    • fixreg_vita
    Send yourself an email with these two links:

    For each of those strings, you will have to make hem links. Highlight the first string then embed it, linking it to itself (email:send?attach=vd0:registry/system.dreg.). Do the same with the second string. You can do this easily from Gmail. Do not forget the full stop at the end. Once done, send them to yourself, click the links on your Vita, then send them to your desired email account.

    You now have system.dreg and system.ireg on your computer. Run fixreg_vita.exe. After this, you should have a fixed system.dreg and a system.ireg file on your computer. In the case that you use HxD to open the system.dreg file, press Ctrl+F to bring up the search prompt, search for your current AccountID (find this in QCMA by looking at the string of number of letters inside the folders: that is your AccountID) as hex values. Note that the offset is different for every firmware, so you won't find it at the same place (it should be just over a string saying "privacy_confirmation", though, so search for that.)


    Change the AccountID to the one of the account you wish to swap to. Finally, run fixreg _vita again and write back the modified registry back to your Vita by emailing to yourself with system.dreg renamed as #0 with no extension, and the subject as "vd0:registry/system.dreg" (the path we want the file to be written to.)

    Proceed as you would with any MailWriter email: open #0, get an error message, press PS and close the email app completely.

    Once done, unslave your memory card and reboot.

    The next step is to execute a simple coldswap onto a PS3. Make sure it is logged on to the desired account. You should get into the PC interface on PS3, and it will soon crash. Let it be, then now try to connect into PS3 again.. and surprisingly, it works! Let it crash yet again, then reconnect to the PS3. You have now swapped accounts and can transfer back games. (Note that you will get an error the first time you try to transfer, just try again.)

    There are a few limitations with this, the main one is that if the account wasn't activated beforehand, it still won't be activated due to the AccountID having swapped. So while this allows you to transfer games from another account, it won't allow you to play them, nor will it allow you to activate the Vita (or the hacked backup if you have one.)
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    awesum i will use it when my son buys me a vita pstv thing for mothers day
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    You're on a roll here.
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