CodeBreaker to .CHT Project

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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Okay Project description

    This was more decided by annoyance than anything else

    Following the encoding format on this site

    I made a developer's tool for making ecoding Codebreaker code's to .cht format

    Far from finalizing the project (and mainly waiting to find my VB 6.0 CD)

    This is just the alias for now


    "//echo $codebreaker()"
    only encoding methods i know

    82006870 FFFF == ON=00006870,FF,FF

    820069EC FFFF == ON=000069EC,FF,FF

    83004700 0000 == ON=00044700,00,00

    32006A0E 00FF == ON=00006A0E,FF

    330019DA 0064 == ON=000419DA,64

    Can Someone confirm if .cht format cut's off the first 3 000's?

    Okay now to what you probably want

    EDIT: Code Chaged

    This is just a proof of concept so only people who know MIrc should use it so I'm not gonna say how to install it

    And let me know what you think

    Even if it's just "my 5 year old brother knows how to script/code better than you"