COD4 - Glitch wall

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    Jun 6, 2007
    Multiplayer--Mogadishu~Glitch Wall

    Start from the A laptop. head north , the left route. the first alley is a wall next is a path to a hill. go through head south you should be going up a hill. you then should find youself up on a ledge.go right to go on a thin ledge . then at the corner turn right to go on a even thinner ledge. you will see a 2 shaped lower legde made of colorful ( dunno word). once on the edge of the very thin ledge face the coloful thing and run onto it(double tap forward). once on , go to the head off the 2 shaped thing then face the right wall and go in. you can only be able to stay in if u go in from the top of the 2 shaped thing. you can go out whenever you want ( i havent found glitch in it). you can shoot out but i havent tested with my friend yet if u cant shoot in. have fun but be fair to your friends.
    By: Asuri ---- please dont claim this as yours give credits thx-_-'
    srry if wrong place to put this
    someone reply to trying it out