Cmon! Lets fix the Vampire Curse on Oblivion! Alright!

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by cacildo, May 15, 2012.

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    Alright, since its release, in 2006, Oblivion gathered a lot of hate on the PS3 because of the infamous "Vampire Cure" Glitch.

    If you never suffered from this plague, here´s a simple explanation: Playing Oblivion, you will probably will become a vampire at some point. This will suck and there´s a HUGE quest for a cure. And if you just got the game from scratch, without reading anything about it on the internet (like any decent gamer should do), you´re probably screwed, because you will be stuck in a glitch that prevents the witch to ask you for one ingredient to make the vampire cure potion. At the END of the quest.

    I searched the internet about it. People cursing Bethesda. People shouting names at Bethesda. People swearing they will never buy another Bethesda game (they probably got Skyrim for the PS3- and look how well that went)> Yet the company didnt move one inch to solve the problem, and nobody got a decent fix.

    So, we have access to the files of the game, right? Using the magic of the (now incredibly old) CFW 3.55, we can change files... from the game! Without any trouble! Right? We can fix it! Right?

    Please, tell me there´s a way to fix this glitch without killing my save game! Please!

    (iep, the enthusiasm on the topic´s name was just to try to get some help with this. I, alone, have nothing. I dont have the slightest idea on where to start)
  2. Sinistral89

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    I heard that you could just play the game that's not the "game of the year" edition (supposedly only the GOTY had that glitch), past that part, save and then continue playing on the GOTY.

    I'm not sure about this though. Was quite a long time since I read about it and haven't tested it myself. Yes I know this wasn't really what you asked for... But I thought that maybe you were stuck with vampirism and didn't know how to get cured.


    Found this when I was digging around.
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