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    The Saturday Game Club (continued)

    We meet every Saturday at 10 p.m. EST.

    We have been playing for 8 months now, (the original topic was created in


    But lately some members have dropped out and we have openings.

    Most Active: These guys will usually be hosting.

    Add these guys:

    Tizuki - 0559-2341-0470
    KFLO - 4338-7573-2202
    Benson G - 1117 6831 6664

    Other Actives:

    Pyro Yoshi - 2320 2773 8335
    Colin - 1847-9028-9707
    Alan- 3565 8688 2626

    Sign up at the same CHG board as always.

    Post your friend code here:

    See you on Saturdays for some Billiards Tournaments or whatever.

    ( if you join, please be active ) [​IMG]