Clearing the air about Metroid Prime and Unreal Engine

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    A few years ago somebody by the name of "Waker" on Assembler Games posted a thread claiming that the Metroid Prime series used a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 2, which is patently absurd, but instead of just asserting that fact, I will enumerate the claims and debunk them one by one:

    1. The demo contains Unreal Script files
      1. No it doesn't, the only game in the Trilogy that used any type of scripting language is MP3, and it uses LUA 5.0.1
    2. The demo contains references to cooking
      1. The MP1/2 demos contain no such reference, however the MP3 prototype, and leaked Editor screenshosts of Reactor Core do, but that does not mean that it's based on UE, "Cook" and "cooking" are common industry terms that have been around since the early 90s at the latest.
    Finally Epic Games has a very distinctive coding style, and symbols from the kiosk demo DO NOT match symbols found in UE2 .DLL files, Retro prefixes all classes with an upper case 'C', while Epic does not, this fact by itself is the final nail in the coffin. Why would retro go through the effort of going through EVERY SINGLE source file and changing all classes and field names to match their preferred coding style? They didn't do any such thing for Tropical Freeze, which uses a 3rd party asset pipeline.


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