Cleaning the wiis laser myself.

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    So after endless waiting, I had to realize I seem to have the damn smoke on lens problem. I have a PAL wii with wiikey 1.9g, and burned the iso onto Verbatim DVD+R DL media.
    When I insert the disc, it gives me an unable to read the disc error right in the disc-channel.
    Other Backups work flawlessly, so I have to assume that it's the lens. I already used a cd-type lens-cleaner to no avail. Since my Wii is modded, and I don't want to risk shipping it to N, I consider opening this little machine and wiping the laser with a soft, damp cloth. Are there people who have done this, and did it work?
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    It could work I would personally use a little cleaning alcohol, but you might also want to consider the POT tweaking method, since some DL problems are caused by the laser not being right for the media and a POT tweak could fix it.
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    i watched hte video about tweaking the pot and cannot see what is being turned, when i open up the wii and poke a screwdriver where i see it being poked at, there is nothing there to turn... :/
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    dude...nintendo doesn't have security guards checking each wii for tampering who are going to come arrest you or confiscate you wii if they think you opened it. sure, if it's blatantly obvious that it's been fucked with, they're going to charge you for the repairs and toss your modchip in the trash. that's the WORST that could happen but it's *extremely* unlikely. if you take it apart carefully and remove your chip there's no way they'll be able to tell. i had a friend with some not-so-great tools who took hers apart to remove the chip and then sent it in because it was making grinding noises and it had a jekyll-and-hyde attitude as to when it wanted to work properly. she left tool marks on several screws, a couple screw-cover stickers were creased, she even forgot to put one back in; it had rolled onto the carpet and was found after the wii was en route. but guess what? it came back 11 days later, repaired, no questions asked. who knows, it might depend on what repair tech services your wii and what kind of day he/she is is a gamble!

    if you scrape any paint off the black screws, take a black cd-pen and voila, can't tell. use a razor blade for removing the stickers and pads.