Class of Heroes 2 - Physical AND Digital copy!

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    Hey all you awesome RPGers! Can't get enough of your (Attack->Select Enemy->Execute->Kill->Gain Exp->Level Up->Repeat)? Still squeezing what remaining life there is in your Playstation Portable? Then you may be interested in the following "pre-order" page for Class of Heroes 2 for the PSP:

    GAIJINWORKS is trying to gauge an interest in their new game Class of Heroes and if 2,500 people shows interest simply by submitting their email, name, and # of copies they would pre-order, we can get the following:

    - Physical copy of the PSP game
    - A color manual
    - AND a digital download version (for those of us who have properly given a burial service to the PSP and adopted the PS Vita)

    As a bonus, we would get a special UMD label art, different from everyone else. How much more special can you get? Show your interest already! :yaysp:
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