Circumstances in life have lead you to live in a coffin home. What do you bring with you?


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Feb 16, 2017
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The homes depicted in the article above are now your living quarters, and you expect to be here for a while. Knowing that you won't be able to bring absolutely everything you own with you, what do you bring with to make life bearable?

For me, it's:

*My laptop which can play the latest and greatest and be productive while on the go.

*Xbox 360 controller for its ease of configuration on the software side of things in Linux and Windows. Also just a good controller for most games *Raging Storm input frustration intensifies*.

*A book bag to carry basic necessities and to carry my laptop and accessories around as necessary.

*A portable display.

*Portable battery for various mobile devices. Probably would be something that could also charge a laptop portably.

*Samsung Wireless charger for my phone and watch specifically. Nice to have, though it could be sacrificed as necessary.

*Any food that can be cooked within reason.

*PSP Go and whatever the best 3DS model is in terms of portability.

*A pocket knife for self defense should it be necessary.

*V-Moda Crossfade 2 LP along with its boom-microphone. Either that or one of the more modular Hyper X headsets.

What would you all bring with you?

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If this is in Hong Kong itself and not anywhere else, and depending on the time of year, i.e. Wet or Dry Season, I would take my chances living on one of the many unoccupied crossing bridges there, with sheets of tarp and whatever furniture I can haul.

In most circumstances, it takes up to a month to get evicted, but the bedbug infestation inside said Hong Kong apartments is much greater.

As such, the plan would be to surf bridges until life bounces back and avoid those Hong Kong apartments altogether.
The rent saved is already a big help, as those compartments go for USD 300 upwards a month.

For clarification of the situation, the Housing Shortage in Hong Kong is a Manufactured Shortage, thus creating exorbitant rents, not because of Land Shortage but due to Local Hong Kong Laws that prohibit further Land Development, when there are ample available.

The USD 300 monthly rent, in any normal circumstance for every other locale in South East Asia, can easily get you a better room and board which is, in most cases, a fully Air-Conditioned 3x4 Metre room with Double Spring Mattress, In-room Bathroom with Hot Water Shower and Toilet, and Free Wi-Fi. In a fully-serviced building with 24-Hour Security, Closed Parking and Elevators.

This has been an issue that Mainland China has pushed for Hong Kong to resolve, but Local Stakeholders have rejected, adding to the grey of sincerity of the Hong Kong Socio-Political situation.

Everyone else who aren't as privileged are waiting for that tipping point in Hong Kong Regulation, but it may be a while yet.
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Nov 21, 2005
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Extreme minimalism you say. Arguably do some variation of that already but still enjoy a few perks of having some space.
Is this a looking for a long term deal or more of a "hard times are happening, you get to claw your way out of it"?

Would suck to lose my book collection but I suppose I could trim that to an even four that I use routinely to do things (electronics concepts book, materials concepts book, materials details book, machining handbook with the latter two being the way more essential of those) and have not yet found replaceable by a laptop/tablet in terms of straight up ease of use for the way I do things. If we do get "can afford to sacrifice them" tablets I could just about see that changing, especially if things were properly indexed.
Would grab a laptop. Now while I would truly/as a matter of survival, as opposed to just for fun, probably take up wandering to see what is out and about I would still want some escape, and a lot of what I do goes with that. If I could fit a screen on an arm on the wall then that too. Hard drive reader and mouse too. Camera would also happen but I suppose in that scenario I would possibly consider getting a mobile phone and living with that (modern ones are pretty OK for a lot of what I do, which is mostly reference rather than for fun and looking pretty to make a profit)
Screwdrivers, soldering iron, small power supply, maybe 4 multimeters (one is viable but input voltage and current and output voltage and current is needed), socket set (have a half inch drive set covering small to large) and a roll of spanners (probably leave my imperial and whitworth*), would get a small oscilloscope from somewhere instead of the big one I have, would grab a set of taps and dies (again probably metric), couple of measuring tools (vernier callipers, micrometers to about 4 inches/100mm, few scales/rulers and some of the more specialist stuff that is smaller than the average set of keys), would stretch to a ballpeen hammer and crowbar rather than trying to get by with a claw hammer, pliers, vice grips, maybe an actual small vice or at least some g clamps, sharpening stones, picks... basic hand tools really. I do like my little mains quick tester too and would probably find room for at least my multimeter sized old school high voltage/insulation tester but can live without that/could get to it being a minor aspect, my hot air soldering stuff probably joining that if it is that extreme. Can probably fit most of that in a rucksack (though a heavy one) and carry a drill separately. Bag of clothes to round it out and a wok to cook in (the wok being by far the most portable yet universal cooking tool I have ever encountered, though it is not without competition). If I had room or maybe a wheelbarrow/shopping cart to transport then I would take my walkaround woodwork kit as well, maybe my masonry bag as well. Can (and arguably already do) fit all that in the size of the average cot if I have some space above and below, which some of those appeared to, I don't get claustrophobic or bothered by having stuff all around either which I suppose is nice for this. If I have a car/van to take me there in the first place I would probably try to figure out a small machining setup (some kind of micro lathe/mill/drill) that model makers aspire too (small fiddly custom parts being a good chunk of what I go in for rather than bulk removal from things that crush you if they fall on you) but I don't have such a toy to grab from what I have now.

*legacy stuff is a nice earner but at the same time not enough of it to really justify in this scenario.

Short version. Basic rifleman's creed but replace rifle with tools -- without tools I am pretty much useless and my tools without me... hopefully someone else picks them up and puts them to good use. Clothes help prevent nakedness and I need to be able to cook something so yeah that is pretty much it.


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Apr 22, 2012
Cyanide, just getting onto the other side already.
life is already not that fun, that be that one last drop to get me crossover.


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Jun 21, 2018
my villa
1. laptop (with external mouse)
2. headphones
3. walkman
4. kindle
5. new 3ds xl
plus any necessities

I wouldn't bother bringing much suff except for that, it's allways a tough decision between my 3ds and vita but for this case I would go for the 3ds since arguably it's got a better battery life.
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