Circle pad rotates 360 degrees to the right like a steering wheel

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  1. Retroledeom

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    Jan 3, 2016
    after replacing my circle pad i noticed that i could turn it 360 degrees to the right. How do i fix it? I think the reason its doing this is because while my circle pad was broken (the top part went off, the only think remains is a little nub) i tried super gluing back the top part, but it was in the wrong position so tried removing it. The super glue already hardened so i tried twisting it back and forth. While doing that it suddenly like, rotated, and then it was fixed back to its normal position except it was upside down. So after removing the top part i was using my 3ds with just the nub portion. I didnt notice any rotation while it was just a nub. Help pls.
  2. Dennis G

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    Jan 4, 2016
    the Top part keeps the stick in place, the nub is small enough to move down, like IN to the 3ds, inside the stick ther is a system to hold it in place (keeping it from rotating) and since your had no top on it that prevents it from going down, it probally "fell" out of it's holding system. i remember when i hard modded my new 3ds xl i had to make sure to reconnect the stick propperly to make it not rotate, but you'd have to open up your ds.
    i don't know though what 3ds you have and i only have experience with the new system so i could be completly off, but i think not