Cioscorp affecting disc channel help

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    Hey, I installed Cioscorp so I could do the stuff from the new Play Control series by Nintendo through a backup loader and I realized that it affected my primary disc drive. I am wondering if there is any way I could get that back without affecting the backup loader capabilities. I have all the IOS's I need (or will get them) and I am wondering which I need to install so I can have a 3.2U Wii have the disc channel work again, preferably without affecting my ability to do the new Control series. I would like to keep my ability to dump ISO's and use a backup loader as well, including a USB Loader.

    Thanks for your help guys [​IMG].

    EDIT: Also, I heard that I delete the cios's from the cios folder or move them somewhere else and put the IOS's I want installed in there. Thats true right??
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    If you're referring to removing cIOSCORP, thats about right. Just put normal IOSes in there instead and install them as you did CIOSCORP. Just install over the cIOSCORP, it will be overwriten.

    As a note: Never uninstall an IOS for any reason, even before installing new ones, as it can brick your wii (especially if you remove the one used by the system menu).
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    Either patch the games to IOS249, or get to know what IOS is used by them and OVERWRITE all others with nintendo's IOS. Deleting IOS is STUPID and results in a brick for example when you delete IOS30 on 3.2 system menu.